Dragonfly Brands Corp is located near the city of Greensboro in the lovely state of North Carolina which has a distinct factor of giving its residents the luxury of being able to take a trip to both the mountains and the beach in the same day.  As a partner of Boulon, we believe that North Carolina is a prime location for recreational use and testing of products associated with them and boating.  The Outer Banks gives the most diehard enthusiasts an abundant selection of sailing opportunities from smooth waters along the Intra-coastal waterway to the more turbulent oceans currents along the mouth of the Cape Fear rivers located near Wilmington. North Carolina also has a selection of fresh water venues as well. Some of the most popular are Lake Norman located near Charlotte and Concord,  Falls and Jordan lakes located between Chapel Hill and Durham as well as the ever popular John H. Kerr Reservoir (commonly know to its residents as “Bugg’s Island”) shared by North Carolina and Virginia. This lakes bottle necks before it feeds Lake Gaston and the Roanoke Rapids, all being prime locations for fishing and riding. We highly encourage customers of our brands to try out these exciting locations for future vacations or weekend recreational fun.